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Linde Standards

Linde Engineering Standards form an essential basis for the planning and construction of process plants.

Linde Engineering has defined a number of standards outlining the quality and HSE (health, safety and environment) requirements that its suppliers are expected to meet. These standards shall ensure that suppliers deliver their services and products in accordance with social responsibility policy, occupational HSE requirements, quality criteria and agreed timelines. 

Linde standards for purchase specifications, equipment and general requirements are part of the List of Attachments (LOA) attached to the inquiry or purchase order.


These standards are not exhaustive or exclusive. By adhering to them, the supplier acknowledges that Linde Engineering does not assume responsibility for damages or losses suffered by the supplier or for claims by third parties resulting from their application.


LS 940-01 Quality and HSE Requirements for Suppliers

These requirements shall ensure that suppliers can deliver their services and products in accordance with social responsibility, occupational health and safety, environmental, quality and time requirements.

Suppliers shall comply with:

    • all applicable legal and regulatory requirements
    • all specific requirements for quality and HSE

Suppliers shall be aware of any applicable legal requirements of the countries to which their product will be finally delivered either by themselves or by Linde Engineering Division.

Suppliers shall ensure that their sub-suppliers and contractors are aware of the requirements defined in LS 940-01, and that they comply with them.

LS 940-02 – HSE Requirements for Contractor at LE Entity Sites

This Linde Standard (LS) defines HSE requirements for contractors of Linde Engineering. These requirements shall ensure that contractors are performing their work under consideration of occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

The contractor shall fulfil all legal requirements that apply for their work and only nominate employees that are suitable and qualified for the intended work. When ordering, the contractor shall give the contractor-coordinator the details of a responsible contact person.

LS 940-03 – List of Hazardous Work

This Linde Standard (LS) defines which work is categorized as hazardous and therefore requires the application of the permit to work system.

The LS applies globally to all operations carried out by entities of Linde Engineering or their contractors.

  • Hot work
  • Working at height
  • Entering or working in confined spaces, excavating or tunneling
  • Working with hazardous materials
  • Working on live systems and electrical hazards
  • Working with ionizing radiations
  • Other hazardous work

LS 940-04 – Operating and HSE Requirements for Logistic Service Providers

This Linde Standard (LS) defines the operating and HSE requirements for logistics service providers of Linde Engineering (LE).

These requirements shall ensure that logistics service providers are performing their work under consideration of occupational safety, health and environmental protection. Therefore, this document applies to every contractor who operates a commercial vehicle on LE business (excluding forklifts and hired-in cranes on site) and to all sub-contracted partners of the logistics service provider. Furthermore, the logistics service provider is responsible for ensuring the compliance of their partner according to this LS.

LS 940-05 – General Terms and Conditions of IT Security

This Linde Standard (LS) applies to orders placed by Linde Engineering with contractors that require access to the Linde IT infrastructure.
The contractor must agree to the following terms and conditions in order to safeguard IT security.

  • Access rights
  • IT security provisions
  • Data protection
  • Verification of software and hardware


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